Astra Global Equity

Price per 1 unit for orders placed on 3/7/2019
Net Asset Value Issue price Redemption price
for investments for a period of investment of
up to
50 000 EUR
more than
50 000 EUR
* up to 12 months more than 12 months
Astra Global Equity n/a  n/a n/a n/a n/a
The expenses for the issuance and redemption are included in the prices quoted above.

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Notice to the Investors

The investors in units of mutual funds should consider the fact that: (1) The price of and the return from shares may be reduced – the profit is not guaranteed and the investors take the risk not to recover the full amount of their investments; (2) The investments in a mutual fund are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund, established by the state or by other kind of a guarantee; (3) The previous results from the activity are not connected to the future results of the mutual fund. The prospectus and establishment documentation of the funds are available for the public at Astra Asset Management`s office, as well as on the website of the Company.

net asset value
as of 3/7/2019
Astra Global Equity0%
YTD performance
as of 3/7/2019 *
Astra Global Equity0%
* not annualized
performance since inception
as of 3/7/2019 *
Astra Global Equity0%
* annualized
standard deviation
as of 28/6/2019 *
Astra Global Equity0%
* Standard Deviation values are calculated using weekly data and are updated on the first business day of the week